The Ascona Award Essays 2015 are out now



The Essays for the Ascona Balint Award give a deep impression of the students’ experiences, reflections and conclusions. And they show an insight into medical education in different countries.


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Aidan Bannon

«I grow through conversation and interaction with my patients and believe passionately in a world of medicine where both the doctors and the patients are experts in their disease, learning from and guiding one another; a partnership.»


Éva Zsák

«I must claim that I firmly believe in the significance of interpersonal skills, sympathy and empathy regarding medical treatment.»


Isadora Francescantonio

«A glimmer in the eye or a lowering of the head can tell more about a person than their laboratory tests. The Science is important, but the ability to listen is an amazing ally.»


William Brierley

«Medicine is a mirror which forces you to examine yourself as you examine others.»