In addition to promoting the International Student Award ("Ascona Prize/ International Student Award") - together with the International Balint Federation (IBF) -  and the Dissertation prize - together with the German College for Psychosomatic Medicine (DKPM) -  the Ascona Lecture represents another milestone in meeting the objectives of the Foundation.



The presentation of the Ascona Lecture takes place at the joint annual Congress of the German Society for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy (DGPM) and the German College of Psychosomatic Medicine (DKPM) in Berlin.

The opening of the conference unfolds with the Carus Lecture, and the final presentation at the end of the Congress is dedicated to the Ascona Lecture.



The Ascona Lecture reflects a common purpose with the congress organizers, serving the aims and promotion of an interdisciplinary understanding that goes beyond individual methods and promoting an approach to psychotherapy that is rooted in a specific cultural identity. The lecture should incorporate the latest developments, and point to new and old areas of emphasis.

The dissemination of a psychosomatic approach and psychotherapeutic medicine should be promoted.

Alongside empirical research results the narrative is also given space. The narrative should be expressly understood as scientific in the traditional, overarching sense. Thus, reference should made also to the Humanities, highlighting the excellent interdisciplinary features of these core subjects.

The narrative is a necessary complement to the medical understanding and is an expression of life and the body.

As such it represents a cultural identity that can not be adequately captured exclusively by empiricism.

Empirical science is important, but must not overshadow the Humanities. In the context of human interactions a different, or at a minimum, complementary understanding is called for.



Ascona Lecture: 2nd or 3rd weekend in March as the final presentation.
Friday 18:00

Joint Annual Meeting of the German Society for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy (DGPM) and the German College of Psychosomatic Medicine (DKPM)


Publication - Balint Journal

The text of the speakers will be published in the Balint Journal, an organ of the German, Austrian and Swiss Balint Society, Thieme Verlag Stuttgart.



Berlin, Free University, Henry Ford Building